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  • Fall around the corner.

    Tue, Aug 11 2015

    As fall grows near we are looking forward to another corn maze and harvest season. Its been a challenging growing season with lots of rain, but the crops are looking better everyday.

  • Winter fun

    Wed, Dec 31 2014

    Pond hockey is a favorite family activity during the winter. Hauling grain to market, working on equipment, and planning for the upcoming planting season keeps us busy this time of year.

  • Harvest

    Thu, Oct 16 2014

    The continued wet weather has slowed this year's harvest. It has often been too muddy for the combines to get in the fields. The crops are yielding well as we have had a nice growing season.

  • Getting ready!

    Sat, Sep 20 2014

    The crops have enjoyed a nice growing season, and all are hopeful for a good harvest. Soon the combines will be roaring through the fields!

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