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The Big Red Barn

Shryocks' Big Red Barn has become a familiar landmark to visitors in the Midwest. Its unique design featuring dormer windows, a coupalow, a big front porch, and traditional red and green color scheme is definitely an eye catcher on the prairie in northern Callaway County. The Barn, built in 1999, is the headquarters for Shryock Brothers Farms. During the corn maze season the barn is home to all the activities available to visitors. The interior of the barn is finished with yellow pine from southern Missouri. The 3-story air conditioned structure is a great place to relax after a trip through the corn maze or hayride around the farm.

The Barn has many refreshments available to visitors including Pepsi drinks, ice cream, carmel apples, kettle corn, and a wide variety of snacks. On cool days hot chocolate and hot cider are available. T-shirts, farm toys, souvenirs, and other gifts are also for sale.

The most popular attraction inside is the 3-story gumball coaster which occupies the front wall and rafters of the barn. Visitors watch in amazement as their gumball travels up to the peak of the barn and then down a series of tracks and gadgets to reach the bottom. It is definitely oneofa-kind and a must see!

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The 2016 Corn Maze will open on Friday Sept, 9th.

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