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The Corn Maze: Maze History

The idea for a corn maze at Shryocks’ Callaway Farms probably started about 35 years ago. We (the Shryock kids) always loved running and playing in our dad’s corn, soybean, and wheat fields. We would run down the rows trying to make trails and hiding places in which to play.

Years later we’re still playing. Only now, with the help of global positioning technology, we have created elaborate systems of trails for people of all ages to explore. In the fall of 2002 we opened our first corn maze for visitors at the Big Red Barn. It featured the Mizzou Tiger logo and was a huge hit. Over the years the maze has grown in size (now 15 acres) and popularity. It has featured many designs and pictures, all designed and created by the Shryock family.

We hope you have as much fun exploring the corn field as we have over the years!

To see our past corn mazes, click on Photo Gallery under "Links in this section".

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The 2016 Corn Maze will open on Friday Sept, 9th.

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