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2013 Salute our Troops Corn Maze

2013 was a tribute to our past and present service men and women. We should always be grateful for their sacrifice. The new "corn box" and other activities were a big hit.

2012 New Era Corn Maze

Mizzou's move to the Southeastern Conference was all the talk in the fall of 2012. At the request of one of the younger Shryocks, Truman the Tiger should be included in the design. The challenge was turned out ok. Thanks to MU and the SEC for permission to use the logos.

2011 10th Anniversary Corn Maze

We celebrated our 10th corn maze in 2011 with a tribute to Grandma Shryock. She turned 90 in July and we surprised her at her birthday party with the aerial picture you see on your screen. It was a well kept secret and she was nearly speechless!

2010 Around the World Corn Maze

In 2010 visitors traveled the world looking for checkpoints. Hopefully they took a moment to remember that no matter what our plans are, God is in control of this big world.

2009 Tiger Country Corn Maze

Successful football and basketball seasons at Mizzou inspired the 16-acre 2009 corn maze. The design once again featured the Mizzou logo. Trivia questions covered football, basketball, and corn.

2008 Race for the White House Corn Maze

The Presidential election theme was a big hit in 2008. Republicans and Democrats alike enjoyed roaming the trails and testing their knowledge of U.S. election trivia.

2007 World Champs Corn Maze

The St. Louis Cardinals World Series win in 2006 was the inspiration for our sixth maze.

2006 Wild West Corn Maze

2006 marked our fifth anniversary. The "Wild West" themed maze covered 15 acres and featured a larger lookout bridge.

2005 Great American Corn Maze

The fourth edition of Shryocks Corn Maze was the most difficult to create. Cutting the faces of Mount Rushmore was tedious work to say the least! Despite a dry summer and shorter corn, visitors loved the challenge.

2004 Spirit of Missouri Corn Maze

The 2004 maze grew to 12 acres in size. For the first time visitors found trivia questions in the maze. A correct answer helped maze-goers find their way. A wrong answer lead to dead ends!

2003 Spirit of America Corn Maze

The second maze at Shryocks featured the United States map. Visitors enjoyed finding the checkpoints located at different U.S. cities and landmarks.

2002 Eye of the Tiger Corn Maze

This was the first corn maze at Shryocks and it is still a favorite of long time visitors. It was only seven acres, but navigating through the Missouri Tiger logo was a-maizing!

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The 2014 maze is closed for the season - see you next year. Check back here for updates as we prepare to open our new "Play Barn" for the 2015 corn maze season!

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